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#20[Timemachine]あとがき An afterword


I received a requests…

I need your help on the Time Machine.  Can you get me a step by step on how to build it.
I found a pattern but not sure if it's yours.  Any help or pattern would be a great help to me.  I'm building it for my uncle who is very ill (Cancer)…Anonymity

and a lot of request … papaace、smallvilleloser、Red 、Darth Windius、jdmoz119 …

I wanted to make [Time macine] which was better…And I done to accomplish.

I remember seeing the movie on television with my grandmother when I was a child.…Jparenti

good…I feel feeling of satisfaction.
I noticed it in a lot of generations having enjoyed this movie [THE TIME MACINE].
I want to give [#20 Time macine] to the generation who watched a SF film before the first generation.

I am sorry.Bad English





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Hi Uhu02,

Thank you so much for this Beautiful Model, and for all the hard work that you put into It. This Is a real Masterpiece and I will really enjoy building It.



投稿: modelnutz7 | 2010年2月 8日 (月) 06時01分

Hi Tom,
Thanks for always supporting.

投稿: uhu02 | 2010年2月 8日 (月) 21時27分

Fantastic Model Uhu02. I loved your first Time Machine. But, now you have made it even better!
Thank You!

投稿: | 2010年2月23日 (火) 06時06分

מיין הער:
דאַנקען דיר פֿאַר דיין ווונדערלעך מאָדעלס. איך וואָלט ליב צו האָבן טינקערבעלל אָבער די וועג וואָרט איז מיר סטאַמפּט. דאָס איז דער איינציקער מאָדעל איר האָבן נייע אַז לוקס גרינג גענוג פֿאַר מיר צו ענדיקן. איר מוזט האָבן זייער ינטעליגענט פינגערס. בעסטער ווישעס סטשמועל באָראָדסקי

投稿: schmuel | 2010年2月26日 (金) 13時38分

Konishiwa gosaimazu Sensei Uhu,

Thank you very much for this new version of the Time Machine! It looks like a fantastic model!!

Alas for me, I don't follow your site these last weeks (nor use my computer), and come just one day too late for the "public" version.

As a Zealot Hobby Forum member, I went to the "secret place" and found the Time Machine #20. But I have a problem: I can open and download the Instruction threads, but the links to the part files (PDF) seem all broken. Can you help me please?

Domo aligato gosaimazu Uhu-San.

Alain Comte aka Darth Windius


投稿: Darth Windius (Alain Comte, Bordeaux, France) | 2010年3月16日 (火) 13時01分

thank you Darth Windius
I fixed the link.please try DL again.

投稿: uhu02 | 2010年3月16日 (火) 23時25分

hello I really want to make this but I can't find the download link anywhere :(

投稿: | 2010年6月24日 (木) 21時25分

I would love to make this awesome paper craft!

Feel free to email me with download information if you want.

Thank you

投稿: Myelin | 2010年7月19日 (月) 04時55分






投稿: Myelin | 2010年7月19日 (月) 05時25分

I would love to build this but I cannot find the pdf can you help me?

投稿: Mike | 2011年8月26日 (金) 20時52分


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